Challenge: Title this work!

April 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

To Be Named

I am creating a NEW body of work. It hearkens back to my Streams of Consciousness series, with vertical strips juxtaposed to one another. These are collages. As always, I am having a very difficult time naming each work. I would even like a series name as they are all related visually, however, individual names would do well too. I don’t like titles that lock the viewer into one way of seeing a piece, so a bit of ambiguity is nice. So here’s your challenge: Name this piece, or name the series, or both. Your choice. What do you see? What do you call it? Please respond by April 27. Thanks for YOUR creativity…

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§ One Response to Challenge: Title this work!

  • Right off the top of my head? “Highways and Byways: That’s Life” or “highways and byways of life” as the series….

    Then you could name each piece with an emotion or a question that you were thinking of while making….
    “time of indecision,” “happy, happy, banana fana,” “the dark before the dawn,” etc…..

    let me know what you end up with…interesting!

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